Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IPhone/ITouch Foot Reflexology App

Learn reflexology areas on your IPhone or ITouch reflexology app
Coming soon at the ITunes store!!!

The electronic reflexology chart was created as an educational tool for those wanting to learn about reflexology. Call it an unintended consequence or maybe a collateral benefit but the availability of the electronic reflexology chart has become more. It's being used as a health-giving instrument.

You see, the reflexology chart maps a reflection of the body on the feet and hands. The body's organs, limbs and joints are pictured. The charts provide a road map for focusing pressure applied to the feet and hands but aimed at influencing the functioning of the reflected body part. An assessment of some 169 studies shows reflexology to be 83% effective at achieving a health result through this means.

But back to the electronic reflexology chart. While the use of reflexology for health purposes has been around for literally thousands of years - Egypt and the land of the pharaohs in 2350 BCE is among the first known uses - the modern-day reflexology chart dates from developments in the early 20th century culminating in the charts of American Eunice Ingham introduced in 1938. Many reflexology charts today are off-shoots of her charts. Millions of reflexology charts have been distributed around the world in books or as stand-alone charts.

The Internet has provided both convenience of use and a new audience for the reflexology chart. Thanks to the electronic reflexology chart, it's no longer necessary to carry around a book or paper chart to become educated or refresh one's memory for the specific details of locating the body part reflected on the foot or hand. Such is the success of the interactive reflexology chart offered by publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK that the chart frequently receives more visits than the Dk home page.

And it is here that unintended consequences and collateral benefits are accrued. One comment on the page for the DK interactive widget foot chart tells the tale. Concerned about a partner's recovery from abdominal surgery, this individual consulted the electronic reflexology chart and applied technique to the relevant reflex area. And, what do you know, the partner's hospital stay was shortened as the patient responded by defecating and passing gas as needed before release from the hospital.

Certainly, similar results have been experienced by those consulting the paper reflexology chart. The easy availabilty of an electronic reference, however, makes accessbile information when and where it's needed.

That accessibility just got easier with the release of the reflexology chart IPhone App. Available at the ITunes store for 99¢, you too can be in touch with reflexology information to learn or utilize the valuable information.

Kevin Kunz

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