Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots and lots of news

It has been the week for news. 

The real good news is that Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips is back in stock.  It is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

Complete Reflexology for Life is still out of stock (and going for ridiculous prices) but there is a paperback edition coming in on August 17th. The hardback edition isn't coming in until September 17th. 

The Reflexology Path Kit is also coming into Barnes and Noble stores on September as well. Remember it is only being offered by Barnes and Noble. 
Total Reflexology, the very popular kit from Barnes and Noble seems to be in good supply but stocks are dipping and it is hard to say whether it will be available for the holiday season. Total Reflexology ran out three weeks before Christmas and wasn't back into stock until March. 

Both kits may be out before the holiday season is over with.  So you might stock up as soon as you can. 

Another kit is in the works. It should be out sometime in March of 2010. 

And we are just waiting for the paperwork from Apple on the IPhone/ ITouch app (see illustration).

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