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Music, cardiovascular rhythms fall in sync- Reflexology?

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Music, cardiovascular rhythms fall in snyc

Apparently there is a reflexive response to music according to a new study coming from Italian researchers. It effects the rhythm of the heart.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Music may indeed soothe the savage breast, according to a study showing that people's cardiovascular rhythms tend to fall in step with musical ones.

In a study published Monday in the journal Circulation, Italian researchers found that healthy adults' heart rate, blood pressure and blood flow changed in response to musical crescendos and decrescendos.

The findings, the researchers say, suggest that music somehow directly affects nervous system control of cardiovascular rhythms.

I feel reflexology has a similar effect. I have often felt that it is like a timing chain on your car. Throw off the timing on your car and you have terrible problems. Throw off the timing on your body and the results can be catastrophic.

Several times I have had the opportunity to work on a patient with a heart rate variability monitor attached to them. It is fascinating to watch as the various measures get back into sync. In fact each time I have worked on them with the monitor the results seem to be the same. It is like they are once more brought into a tempo that is less stressful.

My father-in-law was in the ICU with terrible arrhythmia's that were out of control. It was like a roller coaster. Barbara and I decide to work on him twice in one day to try to get him back into sync. When we left after the second time his heart rate synced into a perfect 70 beats per minute. And it remained that way.

Does stress throw off our timing mechanism? Can reflexology reset the tempo? What do you think?

Kevin Kunz

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Peace4Me said...

I totally agree! I like your analogy and agree. Reflexology, truly sets a new tempo, as the body begins to distress. It resets both the practitioner as well as the client. Combine a session with soothing music and you have a double benefit to the body, including the surrounding area that the work is being done in as well. Reflexology has a rhythm, which affects the bodies systems in a way that medicines simply, in my opinion cannot even compare.