Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ReflexologyChart app

I can see why Twitter can become fairly addictive. I have been tweeting as they say all day long to promote the ReflexologyChart app we have just produced. Twitter gave me an idea.

We have 10 codes for a free app for your IPhone or Itouch. You just go to the ITunes Store and insert the code for your free Reflexology application. 

Okay so the app is only 99¢ but it is nice to win something. So tell me your favorite reflexology story and we will pick 10 lucky winners. There are no real rules per se. And we may even put it up here. Who knows? 
Simply reply to this post. 

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1 comment:

HappyFoot said...

Wow! What next will you come up with, I still like the names on chart! I give them as gifts to those who do my class. Thanks Kevin, and Barbara
Ps. I would like to find one.