Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Reform Health Care and Energy: Use Less

We thought this was an interesting article from Time magazine. When the gas prices spiked we simply drove less like the article said. Saved gas, right.

If you have a gas guzzler you can actually do better holding onto the beast and driving less than buying a new more efficient model. it is cost effective and pollutes less without the expensive purchase of a new car. 

Could we use a similar approach on healthcare? There have been numerous studies on how reflexology has been able to save employers money by helping with absenteeism and employee morale. Could applying reflexology and other stress reducing methods save us healthcare dollars?

Since most illness is stress related would applying a consistent program of reflexology help lower the amount of stress related complaints and in the long run stress related diseases. Less trips to the doctor and less time at the emergency room would effectively lower healthcare costs both in the short run and even more important in the long run. and all this without new expensive technologies.
So my advice is simple: drive your car less and rub your feet more. 

What do you think? 

Kevin Kunz
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