Monday, August 17, 2009

You can change your life with reflexology...

A fuller and healthier life thanks to reflexology ... here we tell one story of how reflexology added to a lifetime of living. This is our story but maybe it will give you a picture of your future with reflexology in your life. Here is the Preface from our book Complete Reflexology for Life

Reflexology for life... the phrase conjures up the many possibilities of reflexology's benefits. It connotes the potential to have an impact on health and quality of life, one's own and that of others. It suggests the use of reflexology's techniques throughout one's life from the earliest days of infancy to the golden years of aging.

As we look at our own use of reflexology over the past 30 years, we see that we have indeed used reflexology personally throughout our lives. At the conclusion of one lecture, Barbara was surprised to be asked, "Have you used reflexology for your own Health?" You see, reflexology is not just a theoretical exercise. For ourselves and quite literally millions of others around the world and throughout history, reflexology gives the sense of being able to do something. At your fingertips lies an ability that's always there. It enables you to address the challenges and stages of life.

Reflexology for life speaks to reflexology for the different times of our lives. On a personal note, it seems that reflexology has been there with us to calm and to cope, to ease and to help. From one bride's prewedding jitters to another's postwedding tired feet; from one niece's pregnancy to another's sports injury, reflexology has smoothed the way, lending a helping hand to people special to us.

The ability to use reflexology has helped us in challenging times as well. The opportunity to do something to help lessen that feeling of powerlessness when contending with a loved one in distress. It can help a newborn infant and a 96 year-old as well as address allergies, menstruation, constipation, colic, kidney stones, heart problems, pregnancy, accident injury, flesh-eating bacteria, swollen ankles, back and foot problems... we could go on and on.

As you apply reflexology in your own life, you'll find that one success leads to another, and another, and another. Then you'll see the influence of your work beyond your hands-on application. As one niece observed, "I grew up with this stuff. I'll bring it out and use it when I need it. And, I've shown others how to do it." You enable others to address the moments f their lives with healthy, natural choices.

As professionals, we've spent hours, days, weeks, months, and years researching the tides of history, the issues of professionalism, legislative ins-and-outs, and the physiological effects of reflexology. However, we always come back to reflect on the hands-on work; our own and that of the reflexologists we've met around the world. The common thread that runs through us all is the sense of possibility, that yes, you can change your life with reflexology. Even more, you can change the lives of others. While French author Antoine de Sainte-Exupery on noted "... there is not gardener for man," we tend to think he never met a reflexologist.

(Kunz, Barbara & Kevin, Complete Reflexology for Life , Dorling Kindersley, London and New York, 2006) Reprinted by permission of Dorling Kindersley.

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