Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay so I started it.

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My day started out early. Fed the cats and got the newspaper. Checked my Twitter account and had a real nice tweet about Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips and our Reflexology Deck. The Circle of Light linked the tweet to their website. There was one of my most favorite reviews of Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips. The Circle of Light folks are such nice people. Sincere. And they have over 4600+ followers on Tweeter. That is a lot of people or so I thought. 

Then I get the bright idea to invite in mass the folks from my Facebook Reflexology Forum to either follow me on Twitter or become a friend on Facebook. There are close to 1500 people in this group. 

It was like an explosion with people coming in from all over the world. I am at one point chatting with a very nice man from Istanbul who wants us to come to Turkey. At the same time I am chatting with Tunisia and Ireland. 

I am madly picking up news along the way. Like the President of Turkey has foot reflexology done. And when Hillary Clinton was in Turkey they talked about to her reflexology.  

There was a person from Stockholm who was so pleased with our tips. And the Russians asking to be Facebook friends were delightful. 

I felt like a traveled around the reflexology world in one day. And the Twitter and Facebook requests keep coming. The really, really sweet part of this experience were the nice comments about us and our work. As I told one Facebook friend it warms an author's heart. 

Nice day. 
Kevin Kunz

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