Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Reflexology Path kit released

Finally the Reflexology Path kit has been released online. It maybe awhile longer to get in the Barnes and Noble stores. 
Here are a few facts that may interest you. 

• Reflexology mat walking research shows that walking on the cobblestone-like surface impacts

mental and physical quality of life for the elderly including blood pressure, pain reduction and

control over falls.

• Research in China has found that walking the reflexology path is a form of fitness helping to prevent chronic illness as well as to sharpen mental acuity.

• Walking the reflexology path provides a means to engage in a low impact physical activity for

the exercise reluctant and out-of-shape health seeker.

• Research on walking the reflexology path showed that use created favorable mental changes in negative mood states such as anger, depression, tension, and confusion.

So grab your kit and start walking the cobblestone mat. You will enjoy it. 

Kevin Kunz

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John Kerry said...

I certainly wouldn't stand on this mat. Instead, I sit down and stretch out my feet on the rubber nubs on the mat. It has worked wonders for my plantar fasciitis. I stand all day on my feet at work and buy the end of the day I can barely stand. This 20 dollar mat has worked better than I thought it would. I highly recommend this mat.

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