Friday, September 11, 2009

The Reflexology Path kit released

The new Reflexology Path kit has it's roots in a lot of practices that are ancient in origin. But they are being rediscovered in both Asia and Europe. These ideas are just now coming to North America.

The Chinese tradition of tap shek (stone stepping) is now a part of the country’s fitness plan with

government funding for construction of reflexology paths in cities.

In China the elderly line up in long queues every morning and evening for their 15 minute walks

on reflexology path in parks for fitness.

In Germany, reflexology paths at schools or on family outings are used as a walking training

ground to help children develop healthfully.

“Walking the cobblestone road” (reflexology path) is a “national popular fitness method” and a

“fashionable fitness” activity in China.

German reflexology paths in barfussparks (barefoot parks) take walkers over terrains such as

logs, streams, pine cones, moss, mud and other elements found in nature.

Reflexology paired with walking, standing or exercising on a cobblestoned or bamboo surface

has been proven to be a safe, low impact activity that exercise-avoiding seniors (and others) will

gladly undergo.

Kevin Kunz

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