Monday, October 5, 2009

Parent's Guide to Reflexology Released as an Electronic Book

Parent's Guide to Reflexology was originally published in 1996. Parent's Guide to Reflexology had a tough go as it was launch the day Random House was taken over.
Parent's Guide to Reflexology is one of our favorite books for a lot of reasons. After the mess that comes about when a book is released during a take over it developed a cult following. Parent's Guide to Reflexology has a standing on Amazon higher than some of our other books. It has to be because people are buying used editions. There may be a little confusion on the inside as the original title was Children's Guide to Reflexology.
Here are the particulars.

We are releasing this classic as an electronic book

if you have young children, buy this book!!!

By An Amazon Customer

My 19 month old has severe asthma and had not slept all night in weeks until a friend introduced me to reflexology. He now sleeps till 9:30 in the morning and comes to me each night to rub his feet. It has completely changed my life!!!

Make A Difference In Your Child's Life

Touch has been proven to have an impact on a growing child's health.

Reflexology focuses that touch on stressors found in the hands and the feet.

This book shows you how to:

  • Sharpen your child's reflexes
  • Learn how to relax your child in times of stress
  • Form a bond with your child that will last a Lifetime
  • Give your whole family the many benefits of reflexology
  • Target your child's stressors
  • Use the appropriate pressure techniques to combat growing pains and stress with an A-Z guide to common problems
  • Build a program of simple techniques to help the whole family
  • 256 pages, fully illustrated with easy to use charts

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