Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Reflexology Paths of Malaysia

The reflexology paths of Malaysia are most notable for where they are found—virtually everywhere, spreading throughout the culture with the most diverse use of reflexology paths of any country.

In Malaysia, if you build it, be sure to include a reflexology path or so one might think when

reviewing them. Paths are found in: city parks, national forest parks, hospitals, hot springs resorts, spa resorts, commercial developments, housing developments, and group homes for special children and the elderly. We counted thirty paths noted below and didn’t bother to keep track of how many condominiums included a reflexology path—they all do and there are lots of them.

Great stone work, lovely designs and pleasant surroundings are hall marks of the reflexology

paths of Malaysia. Like paths in other countries, most paths are situated in multi-use areas where there are many activities, for example, playgrounds, jogging paths, hot springs, hiking trails, and /or swimming pools. Surroundings include landscaped park settings or forested nature. Reflexology paths built for particular groups—at hospitals, facilities for special children or residences for the elderly—show reflexology paths situated alongside the institution and tailored for the group with hand rails. 

Cobblestone path predominate. Many are artistically designed with patterns or various colored cobblestones. Common underfoot materials include cobblestones, rounded wood or concrete halves, larger stones set in grave.

Reflexology Path at Changwon has the cutest picture ever of kids walking on a reflexology path

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