Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Complete Reflexology for Life

"Kevin, I finally bought you Complete Reflexology for Life book last night just before working at the student clinic on my Auricular Reflexology practicum and it's such a FABULOUS BOOK - love the 10 Minute hand-relaxer workout!

I love all of the pictures and self help with the golf ball - just everything. Thank you! Get this book - full of invaluable information!" Lehsa

When we wrote Complete Reflexology for Life we added a series of techniques to quickly loosen the feet and hands. I just finished a session with a massage therapist who thought they were great. They only take a few moments but the effects are lasting.

In our book Practitioner's Guide to Reflexology (1985) we put out this series of techniques we called "Stride Replication". The theory was that you could replicate some of the signals necessary for stride in a way that would relax the feet very quickly. 

The book came out during the merger of Prentice Hall and Simon and Schuster and was murdered in the process. 

Unfortunately these techniques lay dormant for quite awhile. But they are very effective in quickly loosening the feet and hands. Like "dessert techniques" they act globally on the whole foot not targeting specific reflex areas. Yet it helps the overall relaxation response and it prepares the foot or hand for more effective technique application. 

Thank you for paying attention to these techniques, Lehsa. After 15 years it is nice to see them get some recognition. 

Kevin Kunz

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