Monday, February 22, 2010

Rare Find: The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology (Original Edition)

While moving some boxes in the garage we came across some orginal editions of The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology. These are not first editions (1982) but rather an edition that were printed around 1991. The rights to The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology had been returned to us. We then did this printing prior to revising The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology.

This edition is no longer in print in the US. A lot of people liked this edition because it was a simple and straight forward approach.

These copies have never been out of the box they came in and are in mint condition. We are offering a limited autographed edition for sale at $59.95 a piece. plus shipping.

First come, first served. Once they are gone they are gone. Act now!!!

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Kevin Kunz

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