Monday, February 8, 2010

Reflexology Research Excitement

94 countries and 10,000 plus in sales—those are the numbers for the week for the flyer Can Reflexology Help Me? So popular had been the research pamphlet that Web hits have doubled at

Such numbers offer plenty to think about. What a great feeling to know that around the world, the research pamphlet is being downloaded on hard discs, links emailed to others and paper copies being ordered for dissemination. It’s possibly the most excitement we’ve seen in reflexology information since the publication of The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology with its first-ever description and illustration of how-to-do foot reflexology—and that was yes, thirty years ago.

What’s all the excitement? Maybe it’s because there’s finally an answer to the question we’ve all heard over the years: Do you think reflexology will ever be legitimized? Certainly the doctors, nurses and others who conducted the research reported in the research pamphlet give reply to what a survey of reflexologists found: 90% of reflexologists agreed that “I think the scientists and doctors could figure out reflexology if they tried.”

That was 25 years ago. Now today, it’s coming true.

Kevin Kunz

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