Friday, February 5, 2010

Reflexology Research Pamphlet Smash Hit

We have enjoyed the communication from everyone about and prompted by the reflexology research pamphlet, "Can Reflexology Help Me?' Research shows what reflexology can do for you."We just wanted to share these comments with you. If you haven't seen the flyer please click here

"Just ordered some brochures for my office-Good Job Barbara !"
"thanks a lot kevin for sending me a free download reflexology pamphlet... this is a big help to a reflexology like me MAY GOD BLESS U..."
"Very cool!  The research data really adds rather than just telling what reflexology is."
"Amazing Kevin... well done to you :-)"
"Thanks for the download. I like the way it's layout."
"Good stuff...thank you, Kevin"
"Thanks, Kevin. Lots of good information in this pamphlet."
"awesome! thanks bunches!"
"thank you for your hard work and helping us out. :)"
" Kevin, Thanks for the info--research is great &  practical /clinical evidence with positive results are even better"
thank you, these look great!
"Very informative and complete. This will help me in my current studies and focus on specific applications. Thanks!"

There are other comments this provoked:
"I have been a reflexologist in Maryland for 4 years now.  Your work is inspiring and I love your research!!  ...
 "Thank You for all you do!"
"Your Book help me so MUCH."
"I have all your books and love em.  Thanks"
"i am sooo enjoying what i am learning through reading the posts you put up."
"Hi Kevin, I am a massive fan of your work and research. Thank you for the email and I am going to get some of your ebooks."

You know it is so nice to hear positive feedback. Thank you all. 

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josie said...

Fantastic resource for all reflexology practitioners and their clients. Thank you for this concise literature.
Jo Breathe Holistic therapy