Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reflexology Treat or Treatment

We are in difficult economic times. People are looking a lot at what they spend to see if there is financial justification for spending the money on luxuries. Even the rich are forgoing luxuries in favor of what is a necessity.

Reflexology for a long time has been viewed as a "treat" or a luxury by many people. But as economic times have worsened many reflexologists have lost clients who are cutting back on those "treats".

So what is the solution for the reflexologists? It is important for the reflexologist to point out the value of the service and provide financial justification for its purchase.

As shown in the research document and highlighted by the research pamphlet  not only does reflexology makes someone feel good (relaxation and pain reduction) it provides health enhancements. These include boosting the system, helping your body work better and helping you through a special time. There is even research that shows a single reflexology session has specific health benefits.

But the good news doesn't end there. A series of sessions have been shown to improve the body overall by helping every part of it. If your client can feel there is more to reflexology than being a simple treat you have won them over.

Can Reflexology Help Me?  Research shows what reflexology can do for you. (a pamphlet to give to your clients or prospects) based on Evidence-Based Reflexology for Reflexologists.

Evidence-Based Reflexology for Reflexologists (Learn what research has shown to be an identifiable value)

Can Reflexology Help Me? Widget (a free widget to put on your web site, blog or Facebook page).

Kevin Kunz

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