Monday, March 8, 2010

Amazing Uses: Watching the Trends in Reflexology

The philosophy of just-do-it has come to health. 

A Facebook correspondent wrote to tell of her amazing use of and success with a reflexology mat. Incompletely paralyzed, not able to sense below the injury but able to walk a few steps with the use of crutches since a skiing accident in 1993, the Swiss resident walked on a reflexology mat each morning. She has experienced a return of bowel and bladder functions. For those unfamiliar with the life of a paraplegic, it is amazingly good news to be freed from the routines necessary to void the bladder and bowels. (More in future blogs as we interview the woman whose just-do-it spirit serves as an inspiration for us all.)

A recent Tweet recalls how the tweeter took care of his fibromyalgeia concern by applying reflexology and other complementary therapies.

Yes, it seems that more and more people are refusing to accept common wisdom, believe the prognosis of medicine, or whatever you want to call it. They’re stepping beyond what medicine has to offer and taking things in their own hands (and feet) to make a better, healthier life for themselves. 

And who knows what is to come? Such stories from the Web offer a view into trends, foretelling the future or so says a recent Wall Street Journal article noting its prognostication ability. “But some researchers say they can get a read on such trends (in the labor market) days or weeks ahead of the official numbers by studying Google searches, tweets and even queries at an online phone directory.” Numbers used by economists to predict the state of the economy are now being predicted in advance by such Web information: individuals who search Google for “what to wear to a job interview,” tweet phrases such as “I just had an interview,” or search related to remodeling.

One definite trend noted by Twitter watcher Kevin boding well for reflexologists is the number of individuals tweeting, “looking forward to my reflexology,” But now he is seeing more and more people tweet about looking beyond the treat and to the treatment.

Barbara Kunz

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Verena said...

Just a small, but important correction on this article: The reason for this success is mainly my weekly session at my reflexologist's place. She started to massage my feet just after the accident. Only later after having my diploma as a reflexologist in 2007, I bought the reflexology mat and with the daily use of it I'm making even further progress.