Thursday, March 4, 2010

SpaGate- Are Spas Using Bait and Switch on Their Customers?

I thought this was very interesting from Patricia Lavelle:

"this actually, by what i read... is not about massage.. but spas! The spas are trying to make money, from advertising reflexology and getting a therapist to carry out the treatment, who probably did a couple of weeks of reflexology, that were included in her beautician course... this is again, not to reflect all spas... and beauticians.."

"...a spa, would normally charge a high price for reflexology, so you won't  have the treatment... but it looks good, for the spa, that they offer the treatment.."keeps them looking up to date!   A hotel, near me 5* and very famous... charges 80 euro for a reflexology treatment, and the girl that does the treatments, is a beautician... and had three lessons in the reflexology..(i used to work there in sales and marketing)  it's a money spinner.. and bad advertising for reflexology..."

Money spinner. Quite a term. 

Kevin Kunz

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