Monday, April 5, 2010

Reflexology Paths Gone Mad, Reflexes Gone Wild

Revisiting the newest in reflexology paths, I couldn’t help but think, Yes these are reflexology paths gone mad with creativity. But, they’re also vehicles to drive reflexes wild.

A reflexology path as the flooring for a walk through hot and cold water jets? As the flooring of a shower? That’s creative. On reflection, I’m most struck by what reflexology path / spa equipment from Exar of Italy are made to do. They’re there to provide multiple sensory experiences—and drive reflexes wild. Yes, taking the reflexes to places they’ve never been before. After all, one of them “The Wellness Route is much more than a Kneipp route—a never felt sensation is expecting you.” I like that idea— a lot.

Here reflexology paths, built to exercise the pressure sensors of the feet, are paired with the exercise of multiple reflexes simultaneously. Exposure to hot water, cold water and light are built in to the spa equipment with reflexology path floors. (Carrara marble reflexology paths? Wow). The Wellness Route: “provide(s) the sole of the foot with an efficacious massaging effect.” Water jets in the path’s perimeter columns “offer legs a healthy hydrotherapy massage.” The hydromassage Scottish shower cabin includes the reflexology path floor, 15 jet nozzles on three levels and “optic fiber sequence with relaxing effect” in the ceiling. Benefits of water jets are noted as: “The hot-cold effect of dilatation-constriction make blood vessels exercise: the skin is better nourished and oxygenated, looks tighter and brighter.”

Other equipment from Exar includes machines providing benefits of exercising multi reflexes at once. A vibrating platform combines the benefits of “aroma-enriched oxygen inhalation to those from color therapy in a new high-tech concept, and Combiplate, a vibrating oscillating platform ideal for toning muscles and weight loss. … “Stress, smoke, wrong lifestyle and overweight reduce our capacity to absorb oxygen, while our oxygen need doesn’t decrease. Oxygen improves circulation, gives mental lucidity, helps metabolism, stimulates body's defences, revitalizes tissues, detox blood.Many reasons to choose oxygen, many reasons to choose.”

Bottom line: Reflexology ideas are taking a step into the future, being included in cutting edge, high tech, top-of-the-line spa equipment and taking a place as a valuable health resource.

Barbara Kunz

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