Friday, April 2, 2010

Is There an Alzheimer Sign?

Is there a sign of Alzheimer's reflected in the toes? Note the slant of the toes. Also see how the flap of skin is under the second toe. Could this be an indicator for Alzheimer's? Could early detection help stave off this pandemic?

The picture above is not someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's but her mother had it. The next picture is of someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Again notice the flap of skin going underneath the second toe. At times there is an overlap across to the third toe.

Can you help us? We are looking for people with Alzheimer's and what their feet look like in a photo. Would you send us a digital photo whether or not this sign exists of a person diagnosed with the disease? Please don't include their face if possible. But we can crop it out.

And written permission to use it would be nice. We will preserve their privacy. Please send it to our email.

Let's see if this holds up. thanks.

Kevin Kunz

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Red Raven Therapy said...

I really hope your search for photographs yields some positive research results. I'll be watching this thread closely