Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reflexology Paths Gone Mad

Latest in Reflexology Paths
Reflexology paths have gone mad—with creativity. Or, so you’d think looking at the latest batch of photos from around the world. From a Shoez store in Singapore to a Kneipp path/bath in Italy, you’ve never seen anything like them.

The Kneipp Path Wellness Route is from Exar of Italy, maker of relaxation and stress therapy equipment. It includes water features that spray the legs with warm water as one walks through the reflexology path surface of Carrara marble. “The Wellness Route is much more than a Kneipp route—a never felt sensation is expecting you, but first of all look at its structure. It is a wellness system featured by an unusual shape. To occupy the minimum space the course expands like a spiral: this gives it the attractive look of a big snail, evoking babies’ toys. The floor is made in spheroid cobblestones (diameter 25-40mm) of Carrara marble to provide the sole of the foot with an efficacious massaging effect. The perimeter is made of 22 columns in anticorrosive metal, epoxily painted linked together by 21 sheets of tempered crystal.”

Another product from the company is the Hydromassage Scottish Shower Cabin, “…an advanced wellness device that gives beneficial, pleasant, immediate results. Its working is based on hot water cycles (38° C) alternating with cold water ones (10° C), according to a program regulated by a microprocessor. You can choose one of the automatic programs or set the session manually as you like. In the automatic programs the hot-cold cycles massage separately calves, thighs, thorax and head, with the special programs more parts are massaged together. … “On the basis of Sprizzy you find Carrara marble-made cobblestones for true plantar reflexology, on the ceiling optical fibres light sequence with relaxing effect. The wellness feeling is immediate.”

In Singapore the Shoes retail store was designed by a student at the Temasek Design School. The store provides “A unique retail environment concept which (is) inspired by the shoe sole patterns that is applied as the flooring texture and material. Creative and innovative display of the merchandise attracts the attention of shoppers. A “trendy” shopping experience which includes its glowing floor, variations of horizontal plane height thus an elderly-friendly store concept which integrates the anti-slip rubber flooring and foot-reflexology pebbles path at two corners.”

Barbara Kunz

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