Friday, April 16, 2010

Wildfire Marketing for Reflexology

Viral marketing is in essence word of mouth advertising that passes on your message. word of mouth marketing is now broadcast so rapidly with emails, texting, social networking and other Internet methods that it has been dubbed "viral marketing". This is because the word about whatever the subject spreads like a virus.

Yet can printed brochures be like a virus? We think they can. and here is why.

A friend of ours, Erma Slyvester,  who is also a reflexologist bought "Can Reflexology Help Me?" (our research brochure) and "What is Reflexology?"(a basic information brochure for new or potential clients).

She passed them onto a client, an emergency nurse. The nurse in turn passed them onto the social worker at the hospital where she works. The social worker then came Erma as a client. The social worker then proceeded to prepare information packets for nurses at the hospital using the brochures as part of the presentation.

The outcome is that Erma picked up more clientele and at the same time has her foot in the door of the largest hospital in New Mexico.

To her the brochures represent "instant credibility". And they spread the word about reflexology like a virus.  Or maybe even like a wildfire.

Kevin Kunz

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