Friday, April 16, 2010

Amazing Reflexology Story

Dear Mr. Kevin Kunz,

I just want to share the joy of seeing my patient being cured of
glaucoma, who is 100 years old, my neighbour.
Since Dec2009 he was not able to see or open his eyes. His family
members had a tough time in taking care.
I visited him on 15 Apr 2010 and told about reflexology and I am
practicing it. With their consent I treated the eye
and ear points. On 16 Apr, he is able to open his eyes and  see now
after two sittings. He needs some more sittings to enable him to read
newspaper, his daily routine.
Thanks a lot to you and ur book which enabled him to recover his
vision. Continue the good work u and ur wife
are doing. There are many other cases to share but this being the
recent I wish to share with u both.

with regards,


John Andrews

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kellijromero said...

I have a similar story to this one. I was in a car accident when I was 16. Coma for three days, partially parlyzed on my right side, the 3rd nerve in my right eye was damaged which would include my eye was fixed in one place, my eyelid was shut and I was completely blind out of my right eye. My pupil was also blown.
When I woke up from my coma and after one month of never ending therapy, I returned home and visited my chiropractor. He proceeded with my mother and my permission to practice reflexology on me. Within 1 week I felt tingling on my right side and I could see light out of my right eye. I also had to see two different eye doctors to help me with excersizing my eye strength.
To shorten a long story, today I am thirty-nine and have twenty twenty vision and am stronger on my right side than my left and have been for about 20-22 years. My eye movement has not completely healed, but not obvious to anyone. Doctors told me I would never see again, nor would I ever feel on my right side. Ha Ha! So today, I pass it on to my clients!