Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shoes that love you

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Okay they caught me with their headline "A Wedding Shoe That Loves You." I thought that wedding shoes are supposed to be the height of fashion and heighten pain like the ones in the photo. And the ironical part is that a lot of times you don't even see the wedding shoes. 

I have been at several weddings where my reflexology services were called on for pre-wedding jitters or post wedding collapse. And each time the wedding shoes didn't help. 

"If you’re in search of wedding shoes or sandals that are fashionable and comfortable,Oka b. may be the perfect solution for you!  Oka b. shoes are based on a reflexology-inspired design and each pair has an ergonomic footbed which includes massage beads.  These shoes can provide you with style and comfort throughout your wedding day – from your walk down the aisle until the last dance of the night!"

Well I don't know how much reflexology is built into this shoe but it isn't bad. At least they looked comfortable Barbara wanted to buy a pair even though she isn't taking that walk down the aisle. 
Shoes should love you. 

Kevin Kunz

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