Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Successful Reflexologist

The Successful Reflexologist Builds a Business

Focus, focus, focus. Or so reads the opening of The Successful Reflexologist

It seems to be a winning strategy. Focus on marketing and research, for example, has proven to be a successful strategy for several reflexologists seeking to recruit new clients and build toward inclusion in the medical community.

Here’s what some reflexologists have had to say about their strategies.


Goals: Grow her business. Recruit new clients. Pursue reflexology as applied to cancer
• Phase 1: Become more informed about research. Read Evidence-Based Reflexology for
Researchers and Health Professionals.
• Phase 2: Create interest and recruit new clients by handing out foot reflexology charts to all she
• Phase 3: Use the research brochure Can Reflexology Help Me?to recruit new clients. The result
has been 2 or 3 new clients. Moreover, she’s was included in the networks of these new clients.
Result? One new client passed the brochure on to a co-worker who then became a client. These
new clients, both health professionals, lead to an introduction for Erma to two hospitals’ Cancer
Care Clinics and Cancer Support Groups.
• Phase 4: Using the brochure Can Reflexology Help My Cancer Care? as a calling card,
Erma got on the schedules now to do presentations for the cancer support groups at the cancer care centers of the two hospitals. One is distributing the brochure.

Jan, Savannah, GA

Goal: Approach a cancer care facility
Actions taken: Ordered: Evidence-Based Reflexology for ReflexologistsCan Reflexology Help
Me?; Can Reflexology Help My Cancer Care?; The Kunz & Kunz eBook Collection.
Result: “I am really appreciative of all of your help and your wonderful brochures—they were
received by the Cancer Institute here with great interest and I have been asked to be a member of
their Integrative Program Planning Board. I have no doubt that your cancer brochures were the
greatest help in making that happen.”

Peter C., Ontario, Canada

Goal: Grow his business
Phase 1: “The Successful Reflexologist
Phase 2: While browsing through Chapters Bookstore in Ancaster, Ontario, he noticed the store’s
Event’s Calendar. “One thing lead to another,” as Peter says and, if you’re in the vicinity of Meadowlands Mall in Ancaster, Ontario, he’ll be there to demonstrate and explain reflexology while the store displays the reflexology books as suggested by Peter.


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