Monday, November 1, 2010

Reflexology and Pregnant Women

Question: I have a question with regard to Reflexology and pregnancy. I've always been told to avoid medial heel work during pregnancy, that work in that area could stimulate premature contractions. I just spoke with someone from the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine who told me that is still current thinking among reflexologists. She referred me to you when I asked the question whether there is research to support that idea, or whether the theory was completely anecdotal. Any information you can point me to would be greatly appreciated. Bruce

New one on me. Not the part about not working on pregnant women. More the part about not working on the heel. The myth about not working on pregnant women has been around since Mildred Carter put it in her book 40 years ago. Not a shred of research that I know about. I have asked for some type of evidence for years. Nothing so far.

If you put reflexology in a stress model a pregnant women is like any other person. Reflexology is a positive stressor if done within the person's comfort zone. If done to excess it is theoretically possible you could produce a negative stressor.

Yes unfortunately this is the current thinking of reflexologists that you shouldn't work on pregnant women because you can produce a spontaneous abortion. The medial heel is a new twist on an old myth.

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Kevin Kunz

BTW There is plenty of positive research on Reflexology and pregnant women.

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