Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stereo for the Feet: Targeted Double Thumb Walking Technique

As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. And for a reflexologist, two thumbs can be better than one. The double thumb walking technique, applying technique with both thumbs simultaneously to the foot or hand, creates a “stereo effect,” quite literally adding a new dimension
to the reflexologist’s work.

Double thumb walking has long been a favorite of ours. But a new, targeted   consideration of the technique opens up a whole new world to the reflexologist and the client creating an appreciation of exactly what effects a reflexologist can achieve. Drawing on the body’s ability to perceive three dimensions or stereognosis—which literally means three-dimensional knowledge—double thumb walking technique applies a 3-D, three dimensional stimulation of the foot or hand to the benefit of reflexologist and client.

The recent re-discovery of the technique occurred as three long-time clients responded to their sessions like never before with use of targeted double thumb walking techniques. (See below.) Each client represented a different challenge: one with a foot stiffened by polio, one with feet thickened with fluid following knee injuries over the years, and the third with feet under the stress of a tailbone injury. Achieved was a full spectrum of reflexology effects: a feeling of overall relaxation, a more flexible foot and an incomparable approach to reflex areas.

Most interesting from the reflexologist’s view, perhaps, was a feeling that the foot had changed with all the pieces fitting together better—that the foot became a well oiled mechanism. The reflex areas were more reachable. The clients reported effects enhanced over those experienced during a usual session: lessened pain in the feet as well as the body, a much deeper relaxation of the foot, and a different-than-usual perception of the foot and reflex areas as pressure was applied. Their foot were perceived by each to feel “thinner.”

A mega-loosening effect is achieved when the double thumb walking technique is applied on opposite sides of the foot (top/bottom or inside/outside). Especially notable recently were the effects of applying this technique to three parts of the foot.

First, the responses were exceptional to the application of simultaneous double thumb walking to the inside and outside of the foot around the heel. The technique is applied as the reflexologist faces the sole of the foot.The fingers of the two hands are interlaced on the top of the foot with thumbs in position, one on the inside of the foot in the lower back reflex area and the other on the outside of the foot in the knee/leg reflex area. The technique is applied as each thumb walks forward offering an oppositional pressure with the foot sandwiched in between.

Next, effects were noteworthy for the simultaneous thumb walking on the top and bottom of the foot through the shoulder/arm/elbow reflex areas. The reflexologist sits to the outside of the foot, links fingers, positions thumbs at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone and applies the thumb walking technique up the foot.

Finally, the reflexologist applies the technique to the spine reflex area. The reflexologist sits to the inside of the foot, links fingers and rests the two thumbs on the top and bottom of the foot and then walks the thumbs toward each other, wrapping around the spine reflex area and covering the area in successive passes.

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