Monday, May 16, 2011

Contra indications to Walking the Reflexology Path

Tap shek (stone stepping), the Chinese tradition of walking on a reflexology path for health, is a popular activity in city parks. When it rains, tap shek continues indoors on cobblestone-like mats. The mats, made of plastic “cobblestones” embedded in felting, are commonly sold throughout China.

Among recent developments in cobblestone path walking is consideration of contraindications.

City/ State Government Directions to “stampede the cobblestone”

One government site notes benefits of the “healthy way,” walking the reflexology path but cite "counterirritations", those with:

  • Parkinson's disease, cerebellar dysfunction, and balance thecervical spinal cord, such as patients, due to poor control of the pace, can not conduct such training;
  • more serious hip and knee patients, the less flexible joints, uneven pavement will increase the load on joints, increasing joint lesions
  • bedridden due to physical injury or a fixed time people started to practice walking, due to the lack of lower extremity muscle strength, exercise such right may be at risk
  • lead to lower limbs due to neurological disorders such myasthenia should not exercise.”
More Contra indications

“Old (senior citizens) if fitness walking cobblestone road, to consider their own physical condition, in general, each time not more than 15 minutes is appropriate. Prohibited under the following conditions walking: the first is leg pain, sprains, trauma, swelling of the time; Second, rheumatoid
 ever exposure to cold and flu; Third, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, liver and kidney dysfunction and other chronic deterioration; Fourth alcohol, dizziness when psychosis imbalance; Fifth, the weather changes unexpectedly, when the ground has frost. The knee bone joint inflammation in patients with pebbles fitness should be prohibited.

“Po doctor also suggested that if foot pain appears to be the best to the hospital for treatment, usually
before going to sleep every night under warm water for half an hour by foot, foot massage can take the method, which can effectively prevent the plantar fascia inflammation and the formation of bone spurs, but also to prevent the arch of the change.” (People's Health Channel)

Editor's Note: Quotations are taken from Google Translate therefore they may appear a bit awkward. 

Kevin Kunz

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