Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Skype Reflexology lecture- the reviews are in.

Donna Dyer commented on Our Skype session with the Maine Council of Reflexologists. 
Donna wrote: "I attended the 20th celebration and meeting of the Maine Council of Reflexologists yesterday in Augusta, Me. Your skype session where you explored the field of research for today's reflexologists was fascinating and enormously informative. You inspired all of us to the challenge of trying to do some case studies here in Maine. Your breadth of knowledge and your williingness to share with so many is a tremendous gift to all of us. Thank you from the depth of my heart for your generous spirit. I hope one day to meet you and to shake your hand and thank you in person. Kindest regards, Donna" 

Wendy Decker
Today's skype session
Hi Kevin and Barbara....yeah Barbara, I could hear you in the background adding in information, too. :)) I want to honor you both for your wonderful information in today's skype session! Thank-you SO much for sharing with the Maine Council of Reflexologists and being part of our 20th anniversary celebration! I think you being with us today really made this the best meeting ever! I thoroughly enjoyed your WONderful knowledge, answering our questions and showing us your two thumbs approach! And I heard so many people say how they LOVED the skype session with you! You have so much to offer us! We are all just thrilled with our skype session with Kevin and Barbara Kunz!! And you have many of us really thinking seriously, at the least about doing some case studies and some thinking about who would be a good match to run a reflexology research study. After we ended the call, we broke into groups to talk about what really interests us among our clientele, what health issues we would really be interested in seeing how reflexology works and in the dosing idea of frequency, duration and strength of signal.

Thanks again!! I hope you can come do a workshop for us some day in the future!
Wendy Decker

From Barbara and Kevin: Thank you both for your kind words. And thank you to the Maine Council of Reflexologists for the opportunity to present our thoughts and ideas. It was fun. 

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Wendy Decker said...

Kevin, I used your double thumb technique and paid special attention to the middle cunieform both on two clients today and on myself. Wow! Got great results! Thank-you so much for the information! I especially liked how the double thumb(or finger) technique opened up the forefoot and toes resulting in a huge reduction of tension in the neck and shoulders! I used it on the lateral aspect of the foot to really work the arm and elbow with a resulting miracle (according to client). And working the cunieforms and metatarsal joints with a loosening technique and rotation on a point really helped the intestines return to normal action. Thank-you!!!