Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MSU Has a Successful Outcome with Chemo and Reflexology

Hello Kevin,
We just created a page on Facebook for exposure with friends.
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We have posted the results of the grant on our website!
Please take a look and tell others!

You will find us as ‘Branch Reflexology Institute’ on facebook.
or you can go to directly to view grant results!
          (More direct link is )
The results are great news for Reflexology because stage 3 and 4
diseases rarely show an improvement of any kind.  Therefore, any
improvement is considered significant with an end of life patient.

This grant protocol was created for ‘quality of life’ for this fragile population
of women.  MSU was very happy with the outcome and NIH granted
Michigan State University a second grant of comparable size to begin
in a few months.

Nice talking with you Kevin, we’ve known the power of Reflexology
it’s nice to know now that it is being given the credibility through
the National Institutes of Health...our nations most prestigious
research institute.

After 30 years in a full time’s nice to see our work
validated and doors opening.  Because of this grant Branch Reflexology
Institute was invited to bring our training to Beaumont Hospital in Royal
Oak, Michigan and now St. John Hospital is joining in as well.

Nice to touch base with you,


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