Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Observations on Double Thumbwalking

What is different about the double thumbwalking technique is that there is a lot more feeling on both sides of the fence. The client feels more contact and thus it feels really good. And the practitioner feels more in that the contact brings out more and therfore can make a better assessment of what is going on.

People love double thumbwalking in the upper back/ chest/ breast/ heart and lung area in particular. You can usually just see them relaxing, People have described the technique like an itch that was hard to reach but needed scratching.

This is like a remote control back rub. A lot of people have curled toes which is rooted in pain in the ball of the foot. The toes unsuccessfully curl in an attempt to protect these sensitive areas. The double thumb walking technique can help ease this contraction. Relaxation soon follows.

A great place to do the double thumbwalking technique is the ball of the foot.

I like to start just below the diaphragm and work up. It has an incredible relaxation effect. One client who is a big burly guy would fall asleep with seconds of making a few passes. Don't be stingy. Make several passes. And if they comment how good it feels do some more.

What is really surprising is all the spurs I have felt when using this technique. They are frequently all over the place such as infesting the metatarsal area. Then try to crush them just keep making passes until you smooth out the thorny area.

This technique to me is less working against the surface of the foot then working with the shape of the foot. It is a bit of an artform to work not only through the troughs but also working the sides of the troughs.

Feel the shapes of the bones!!!

The real interesting factor in using this technique is how much difference a slight change of direction can make. I will cover that next time pointing out some of my favorites. 

Kevin Kunz

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