Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How can a reflexologist up their game?

We have been having an interesting discussion on the economic times and the resulting hard economic times for reflexologists. People are taking their lumps even though they are doing a good service.

So how do you survive in a harsh climate like this. You need to up your game. Pull out all the stops in becoming a better reflexologist. Here are some ideas. What are yours?

Stress cues- learning to read feet and hands will be critical in the next few years.
Instructional self help- with the need for speed in getting your client to their goals self help will be critical to the mission.
Fast foot loosening techniques- the reflexologist needs to demonstrate a change to their clients and quickly. Fast loosening techniques demonstrate that to them.
New techniques aimed at faster results- Tradition can stand in the way of new techniques. Reflexology needs to be a constantly evolving field. Also it needs discipline to prevent chaos.

Research- we need to demonstrate that there are real things happening in reflexology session. This is where research comes in. Being able to at least cite research is very important in building credibility.

Vocabulary aimed at professionalism- words matter and they set the stage for professionalism. Use them wisely.

Self help reflexology experiences you can call on- reflexologists need to practice what they preach. In instructing clients in self help it becomes more practical and less theoretical when you are practicing reflexology on yourself.

Strategies both for technique applications and for self help instruction- to me I am constantly working on strategies to reach the client's goal. My mistake in the past has been trying to reach my goals and not their goals.

I am going to break down and discuss these points in the coming weeks.

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