Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Call for Reflexology Research

A Call for Reflexology Research

When you personally witness what reflexology can do, you want to hang our a sign: research needed here. 

And that’s been our response to what we’ve seen during our work with paralysis, stroke and sudden cardiac death.

Jimmy, are you moving your fingers? It was a question asked of a quadriplegic client during simultaneous hand and foot reflexology sessions. The answer, No, Kevin is would change our lives and chart a new direction for reflexology. And, yes, results were obtained working with other paralyzed individuals.
It was 13 sessions over 39 days when stroke patient Nadine walked out of the rehab center. It was with the help of a walker but she had gone from hemiplegia, unable to feed herself or walk to self sufficiency. And, yes, results were obtained working with other individuals paralyzed with stroke.
She’s dead; she’s dead came the call from another room as we were paying a house call. 72 year-old stroke and dementia patient Mrs. Wallace was no longer breathing. When revived with the application of a reflexology technique, she was asked by Kevin, “Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Wallace, do you know who I am?” Her reply, yes, you’re a jackass brought laughter from all. Not only was she back but she always talked like that.
And yes, we would again witness sudden cardiac arrest on a visit to a friend in a remote Irish village. 
This story is told by Dr. Oz following his own experience with a patient recovering from heart surgery. He calls for research.

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