Monday, April 4, 2016

Celebrities Who Have Used Reflexology- Eva Mendes

By nicolas genin 
Eva Mendes
Actress Eva Mendes is reported to host “ladies-only foot-rubbing parties.”
“No fallen arches for fetishistic EVA MENDES and baby daddy RYAN GOSLING.

“It’s  Fifty Shades of Feet at the Hollywood home that new mom Eva shares with her baby daddy, Ryan – thanks to Eva’s habit of getting turned on by toes!

“In addition to her funky fetish, Eva’s also got a newfound passion for ladies-only foot-rubbing parties, sources said.

“The star regularly hosts sexy soirees where the women exchange tips on foot massages and try out their techniques on one another.

“‘She’s invited guest experts like Chinese reflexology doctors – and even real foot fetishists – along to share their tips,’” added a pal.

“‘Eva’s really into it, and will give Ryan the most mind-blowing foot massages afterwards!’”  (“Foot Fetish,” March 22, 2015 National Enquirer)

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