Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Benefits of Reflexology Use in Cancer Care: What Research Shows

For the 28 million people fighting cancer worldwide and the 1.3 million diagnosed each year in the US alone, findings from the reflexology research offer potential, potential for improved quality of life and easing of their symptoms. 
Speaking to such potential are the results realized by the total of 1,173 cancer patients who participated in the 24 studies from ten countries:
• In eleven studies totaling 697 cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, reflexology was found to be effective at in easing symptoms such as nausea vomiting, fatigue and anxiety. 
• For those under cancer care with concerns about management of symptoms, six studies of reflexology which included a total of 255 patients demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing pain and anxiety
• Two studies of post operative cancer patients including a total of 89 cancer patients noted results of lessened pain and anxiety reported by patients to whom reflexology was applied as well as significantly less use of analgesics. 
  • Five studies of reflexology applied to a total of 69 cancer patients in palliative care found that reflexology helped with alleviation of fatigue, improvements in quality of life, and decrease in pain as well as being comforted. 
Achieving Results for Cancer Care with Reflexology
How much and how often reflexology is applied to achieve such results is detailed in Medical Applications of Reflexology 2, Findings in Research about Post-operative Care, Maternity Care, and Cancer Care. 

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