Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Benefits of Reflexology Use in Post Operative Care: What Research Shows

Research demonstrates that post surgical patients who receive reflexology work experience significant improvements adding to medical interventions to meet common concerns: pain, recovery time; anxiety and quality of life. And, as one researcher noted, use of reflexology post surgically had the benefits of “… reductions in total hospitalization costs, medication use and adverse events.” 
The value of reflexology as an adjunct for patients post-surgically is demonstrated by fifteen studies conducted conducted in eight countries.
Easing Pain
The benefits of reflexology use post surgically as reported from research includes lessening pain, specifically:
  • easing pain while avoiding adverse effects of medications 
  • adding to pain-killing efforts when medication alone is not enough.
Researcher in one study noted that: patients in the reflexology intervention group less pain and anxiety as well as receiving “significantly less opioid analgesics than the control group”
Researchers in another study found: “…patients who received foot reflexology treatment required 25 to 35 percent less standard pain medication compared to the control group.”
Anxiety and Mood
Reflexology use was found to ease anxiety, common in post-surgical patients, as well as improve patients’ moods.
Findings from one study showed that “… anxiety decreased significantly...” for those in the reflexology intervention group compared to those in the control group.
Results from another study showed use of reflexology “… improve(d) the mood (anxiety and depression) in patients with gastrointestinal function and had a positive significance.”
Reflexology use was found to speed recovery, in particular urinary and gastrointestinal functions. Such improvements have financial consequences with earlier discharge from the hospital as bowel and bladder functions return earlier. 
One study found use of reflexology “… reduce(d) postoperative wound pain and improve(d) sleep, prevent(ed) constipation…”
As noted in results of another study “...reflexology enhances urination, stimulates bowel movements and so aids recovery post surgically for gynecological patients. ... a lesser need for medication to enhance bladder tonus .... a much less need for medication ...”

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