Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our Reflexology Story

Barbara and Kevin Kunz

People always ask how we got started in reflexology. Kevin tells them how he was walking down the aisle of a book store and found a book on reflexology. It’s one of life’s little moments where we always wonder what would have happened if he’d been walking down another aisle. 

For Barbara it was experiencing the results of Kevin’s work. His work provided a solution to her sinus headache problems and was the beginning of Barbara’s interest. For her, development of self applied reflexology techniques and hand reflexology techniques followed.

Our on-going in depth exploration of reflexology was launched by a question Barbara asked a client while she was doing reflexology on his hands. The question was “Jimmy, are you moving your fingers?” His answer was, “No, Kevin is.” That was quite a surprise. Our client was a quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down. Yet, his moving fingers had interrupted Barbara’s work. As it turned out, Kevin’s reflexology work on Jimmy’s left foot had prompted the fingers of Jimmy’s right hand to move. Why? The answer took a year to research and realize. The discovery was to change everything for us. We discovered reflexology’s value is in the pressure it provides to the feet and hands. Just as vitamins serve as nutrients, such pressure application provides nourishment to the body and creates healthful changes. We were off on our journey to work with further clients and make more discoveries. 
It’s been a forty-year, never-ending fascination with reflexology. Every pair of feet and set of hands are unexplored territory waiting to be discovered. The greatest excitement and reward has been helping others. Every one of our 22 books is an effort to research and explain about how and why to use the incredible healing tool of reflexology.
We invite you to come along, to start your own journey, helping yourself and others feel better. 

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