Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reflexology by Kevin Kunz

Barbara and Kevin Kunz
Kevin Practices in Albuquerque, NM

What do his clients say about Kevin’s work?

• I am writing this short note to express my appreciation for an amazing healer, Kevin Kunz. I have been treated by Kevin for many years and have worked with Kevin as a professional colleague. I consider him a world master in the field of foot reflexology. I have seen with my own eyes results with severely impaired patients that defy medical explanation. I highly recommend and encourage anyone with health issues needing relief to consider treating with Mr. Kunz.
Dr. Laryr Marrich

• I’ve been seeing Kevin on and off for 35 years, mostly on.  He is my go to healer for almost anything that ails me. My work is physically very demanding and I have had many injuries.  … I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone and everyone who needs a body tune up, works long hard hours like myself or wants to have a great sense of well being in their body.  He has saved my life, physically and emotionally for many years. Sharon L.

• “I have been seeing Kevin Kunz for several years and he is amazing! My passion is running… . I had been experiencing a foot injury for quite a while and decided to see Kevin with the hopes that he could help me work through my injury. Well, he did and shortly after seeing him, I ran the 2016 Boston Marathon and finished with no pain and the pain that had nagged me for quite some time has not returned. … Kevin Kunz, thank you!”  Liz S.

• “I found Kevin and Barbara Kunz 20 years ago. I was told by several Doctors I had to have both of my feet operated on; major surgery on both. My feet actually were deformed into  points; from wearing pointed shoes everyday for 20 yrs.  Kevin actually fixed both feet back to normal.  … I learned so much about the health of my whole body from them.  I love their books because I know what they share works. Thank you Kevin and Barbara.”  Janna C.

• ”Kevin Kunz introduced me to reflexology and its benefits over 20 years ago …. I found that the treatments I received from Kevin effectively addressed a number of foot and ankle problems I was having. Over time I came to regard reflexology as an effective treatment that offers a number of benefits.… I would recommend Kevin to anyone wanting to learn more or interested in having a treatment." Ron B.

Call Kevin at 505-228-9076 to find out more.

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