Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Importance of Research and Education in Reflexology


Kevin Kunz is pleased to be among 14 speakers presenting:

The Importance of Research and Education in Reflexology

April 19 to 24, 2021

11th European Reflexology Conference 

organised by the 

French Federation of Reflexologists 

for the 

European Reflexology in Europe Nexus (RIEN)

Delayed by a year due to Covid but now coming to you 

on-line with the program presented in 

English and French languages

Details and how to sign up here: 

The talks will be available on-line from April 19-23, 2021. 

On April 24, 9 am to 12 noon (3 am to 6 am EDT in the US) 3 live debate sessions will be presented by the speakers moderated by David Whatley. Included will be openings and closings by Eduardo Luis (President of RIEN) and  Elise Manzoni (President of French Federation of Reflexologists). 


Nancy Klein 

Introduction from research WG: Understanding Reflexology and  Research 

Judith Whatley 

Stronger Together: Reflexology & Research 

Emeline Deschamps 

What is the effectiveness of Reflexology? Can we study it?   

Lee  Anthony Taylor 

Measuring our  Successes in Reflex Therapy 

Lambros  Stravelakis 

Introducing https://Reflexology.Report ! How  to  make  scientific  Research  about  Reflexology available to all Reflexologists  

Vera Krijn 

The Importance of Research in Reflexology 

Sue Alma  Evans 

Research  pilot  on  the  use  of  duopody  Reflexology  to reduce  chronic  pain,  prescribed  opioid  medication and  GP visits in south west  Cardiff, Wales. 

Abad José  Manuel   

The importance of research in Reflexology

Christine Bretin 

The implementation of combined Reflexotherapy in Oncology. 

Kevin Kunz 

The Future of Reflexology 

Nico Pauly 

The emotional conversation between the organs and the limbic system. Meet zonal Reflexology and nerve Reflexology

Heinrike Bergmans 

Stress and Trauma  Sensitive Reflexology start of research

Orlando Volpe 

Cerebral cortex and its functions 

Gbadessi  Didier Jacques 

Reflexology and cerebrovascular accidents  (stroke) in Benin 

Patricia Torossian 

Reflexology applied to Alzheimer’s disease, my method 

Anne Marmagne 

The interest of Reflexology during pregnancy 

 Ben  Abdeslam / Hanan 

Research and the importance of reflexology during the perinatal period 

Lilian  Gautheron 

Abstract Dyspepsia, opening of the aorto-mesenteric narrowing and podal Reflexology 2.