Monday, November 5, 2007

Jan's 90th Birthday

We had a pleasant Sunday celebrating our friend Jan's 90th birthday. Jan actually got me into reflexology in 1976. Reflexology had been a hobby of mine up to this point.

Then Janey, her daughter, was involved in a head on accident. Janey was brain injured and lost use of one side. She also lost some speech.

Jan wanted to take a course to help Janey and wanted me to take it with her. We took the class together. It started a long chain of events that led to my reflexology practice. Then I taught reflexology on a nation level and finally we publish our very first book.

Jan and Rol Schneider helped us with our very first book, The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology back in 1979. We would go to their house to shoot photos and the kitchen was our photographic studio. Jan would make coffee and hold the drop light. Rol (who has passed on since) was our photographer. Barbara who then take those photos and make her now famous illustrations.

But it was more than the photos. Jan and Rol also gave us moral support. The first book wasn't easy. We had never published before. But Jan and Rol were always there for us.

As I sat next to Jan and reminisce about our long reflexology career it suddenly dawned on me how many people in that room alone she had an effect on with her pursuit on reflexology. There was her son who had experienced lime poisoning so severe the Poison Control people were calling him back every four hours. There was her sister-in-law who was one of my clients. There was her daughter, Jill who I have worked on countless times.

But it wasn't just my impact. Jan also worked on people like Linda who was sitting at our table. Linda had a very severe back pain while going through pregnancy. Jan both worked on her and also showed her some things to do for self help. As Linda drove away from Jan's house her back snapped back into place and she was fine.

Then there was Janey. The doctors told Janey after her horrific accident she would never live independently much less go back to work. She did both.

She retired after a long career at teaching and still substitutes from time to time.

And Janey got up and gave a short speech at her mother's birthday to thank everyone for coming. Who could tell her speech was effected.

That is not even considering the many people Jan helped without actually knowing them. We get letters, emails and so forth from people who tell us how much our books have helped them. What would have happened if Jan hadn't been there to encourage us on.

So happy 90th birthday, Jan. Pass it on.

Kevin Kunz

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