Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reflexology sessions for a holiday gift

One of the nicest reflexology gifts you can give is reflexology sessions. Most reflexologists have gift certificates.

But what if you are broke? Why not give a foot or hand rub as a gift by doing your own? You may not be a professional but even a simple foot or hand rub can be greatly appreciated.

Make a little gift card up and watch them smile.

Happy holidays.

Kevin Kunz

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to Touch Your Toes

Well you really do know how to touch your toes. But can you touch your toes?

This Men's Health web page , Stretch for Strength, has great explanation for why we have trouble touching our toes. The problem isn't just tight muscles but has to do with the fascia which surrounds the muscles and keeps them together as a group. Tight fascia means a tight range of motion.

Very interesting reading. It comes with a short video that demonstrates the suggested exercises as well as a written set of instructions. (I had a little trouble for some reason getting the full set of instructions so I just clicked the print button.)

The last exercise is rolling your foot on a tennis ball for 60 seconds and then moving onto the next foot. Of course a foot roller might do just as well.

Try it -it works.

Now let see. 1...2...3...

Kevin Kunz

Monday, December 10, 2007

Total Reflexology "flying off the shelves"

Our editor tells us that Total Reflexology, the reflexology kit, is "flying off the shelves. I did a little investigating and it does seem to be the case.

My cousin was standing counting how many boxes were at her local Barnes and Noble when an employee came up and said "if you are going to buy one of those you better do it now because they are selling out really fast."

Everyone who sees them wants the kit. Many are buying several and giving them as gifts.

You can check local availability right on the order page by pulling in your zip code. If they are out you can order through Barnes and

At $15 a kit it is appealing.

Kevin Kunz

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Reflexology Widget Now for Your Desktop

The wonderful and interactive Hand Reflexology Widget is now available as a standalone desktop widget. Go to and click on the "desktop" tab in the box in the upper right hand corner of the page. A Yahoo Widget icon will pop up simply follow instruction from there.

Unfortunately, it is Windows only. For now.

It is nice to be able to put this on your desktop to use whenever you feel like it. And remember it is linked to the acclaimed Hand and Foot Interactive charts. So click on the links at the base of the widget. Add the Hand Reflexology Widget to any number of pages like Facebook and MySpace.

Learn the reflexology areas the fun way.

Then buy the book, Complete Reflexology for Life.

Kevin Kunz

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wet Babies

There is a saying that the only people who like change are wet babies. We are all prone to routine. It is hard sometimes to tell the differences between a routine and a rut.

There is a new brain imaging study that shows that reflexology affects areas having to do with homeostasis. Homeostasis is the natural balancing act that takes balance in our body day in and day out. May be that is why people often comment how balanced they feel after a reflexology session.

There is another concept that ties into this. It is called "allostasis". Allostasis is the process of stabilizing homeostasis. Tied to this is allostatic load which is the amount of adapting we have to do to maintain homeostasis.

Our bodies achieve stability through change. If we do not change the load increases and we are forced to adapt. If the load gets too big we stress out. So seeking change is a way of "taking a load off".

Reflexology is but one way to seek change and therefore a re-balancing of our bodies. Whatever way you seek wellness realize that it is the change that causes stability. Ask a wet baby.

How do you seek change?

Kevin Kunz

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stunning New Reflexology Research

Scientist are now using functional magnetic imaging to peer into the brain and see what part of the brain reflexology affects. In a series of studies researchers have found that reflexology "lights" up parts of the brain associated with such things as pain and homeostasis.

We are producing a three part series on this exciting development. What is intriguing is that what reflexology has been saying for years can now be verified scientifically.

fMRI and Reflexology Research.

What a fMRI is

Kevin Kunz