Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting Into Reflexology Part 3

Learning the areas on the feet and hand is a key to technique application. While it is important to work the whole foot or hand at least one time through it is also important to know specific areas in order to add emphasis. Emphasis helps to bolster areas that are particularly under stress. 

Learning how the organization of the feet is fairly straightforward. The right foot or hand represents the right side of the body. The left foot or hand represents the left side of the body. The exception is the brain which crosses over. 

The toes and fingers represent the head/neck/sinus reflex areas. The ball of the foot and the upper palm of the hand represent the chest/lungs/breast/heart. The arch of the  foot and the lower palm of the hand represent the internal organs such as the liver, stomach and so forth. The heel of the hand and the heel of the foot represent the the lower back and the lower parts of the digestive system. 

An easy way to learn the parts of the feet and hands is to go to These interactive charts allow you to learn the areas at your leisure. Also free charts are available for your download at
And if you want a complete description of the organizational scheme for charts try The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology for the feet and Hand Reflexology: How to Work on Someone's Hands for the hands.

Kevin Kunz

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