Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting Into Reflexology Part 4- Finding a Guinea Pig

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Where to find guinea pigs?

There is a lot to be said for "guinea pigs" contributions to the rise of reflexology. Family and friends have helped out many a reflexologist get started by acting as their first subjects or guinea pigs.

It is really the traditional way a lot of reflexologist get started practicing. First family and friends and then if the reflexologist is ready for the big league they started working outside of their volunteer circle. Of course, training becomes very important at this stage.

But there are other types of "guinea pigs" that can help you hone your skills. Senior citizen homes from assisted living to nursing homes can provide valuable experience to learn how feet change as we age.

Working with families in need and children have distinctive advantages in helping you get experience. You can get to know what stress can effect those who are struggling and how age can alter the response to stress. And you can provide comfort to people who can really use some help.

It can also be helpful to work with different groups of people with similar problems. People with similar disabilities can be helpful in learning what different feet can be like. I know one woman who became an expert on brain injury by helping the victims of this condition.

When I started out and tried to find as many different types of people as I could find. It gave me great insight to compare and contrast different feet and different conditions. I really feel it gave me an education that will last a lifetime.

People often ask me how I know just by looking at a pair of feet different facts about a person. It is all those feet and all those "lessons". After all every pair of feet is it's own classroom in a sense.

Every person out there can be a potential lesson for the reflexologist. I actually remember some of my key lessons from years ago and the people that were attached to them.

Kevin Kunz


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