Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Relaxcation: I thought I had invented a new word

A staycation is a stay at home vacation. Staycations are all the rage now with gas prices so high and since everybody seems to be broke.

Barbara and I recently took a staycation because we simply could not get away. And we are lucky enough to have Hacienda Antigua down the street from us. I am working in this delightful place. And the best part is that Bob, the owner, told us that we should use the pool whenever we feel like it. 

So we spent part of our staycation swimming and lounging around the pool. The Hacienda Antigua is surrounded by a large wall and beautiful surroundings. It really is not like being close to home. Yet you don't have the stress of airports or car travel. 

That started me thinking about relaxcations or relaxing vacations at home. I thought I had invented a new word. A quick Google and I found out that the word was being not used widely but did exist. 

It doesn't take away from the idea of designing your own stay at home relaxing vacation. 

Reflexology is an ideal candidate for your relaxcation. Either set up a relaxing reflexology session for yourself or trade with your family and friends. Add the trimmings- soft music, nice lighting. Use your imagination.

What would you do on a relaxcation?

Kevin Kunz

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