Monday, April 27, 2009

Did CBS Step Over the Line in The Amazing Race

Did CBS step over the line though the portrayal of foot work in the Amazing Race as some sort of torture? It was foot massage but loosely linked to Were these foot workers push to put more pressure on? HMMM!!!!

My understanding is that the foot workers in China will lighten up with Westerners. Why didn't they? Rather they seem to max out the pressure they applied.

It was high drama and I think they pushed the employees to go for it. But I think there is an issue of pressure. How much is really needed?

There is also an ethical question. Should you go beyond safe limits to entertain. What if an injury had occurred?

It reminded me of torture. I think Chinese have been one of the leaders in the worldwide spread of reflexology. My guess is that they wouldn't approve.

There has been some comment from Twitters and Facebook friends. One person debated whether in fact they were not put up to delivering extra pain. Also this according to one source did take place in the Olympic compound. Apparently one of the contestants went into spasms after the session while in the taxi.

Kevin Kunz

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