Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to acheive results

The biggest roadblock to results with reflexology is consistenacy. It is easy to get started in Reflexology. It is much harder to keep going to the point of seeing results. It requires an effort to remember to apply technique.

Here are some ways to keep on track. You can go high tech. There is a simple but effective web site called Joe's Goals. You simply set up the page with your goals and you assign values to each goal. Then check in everyday to check your boxes on what you have done. You can see the totals on a constant basis.

And if you have a calender program that will remind you to go to Joe's Goals and fill out your progress sheet all the better.

There are other programs even for the Iphone/ Itouch. Touch Goals is a great little app I use. It is fun to use and very effective.

Or go low tech solution like a calendar that you simply jot your results down. To make it a bit fun give each self help techniques a value so you have a score at the end of the week.

Monitoring your efforts can be the most effective way to get the results you desire with Reflexology. Give it a try low tech, high tech or whatever way you want to go.

Kevin Kunz

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