Monday, May 4, 2009

Location, Location, Location

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I was talking to a reporter today from YourHealth Monthly about an article on reflexology. We were talking about foot rollers, a simple way to deliver self help. Shannon, the writer, asked, "Then you could station a foot roller under your desk?"

I said this is one time that multitasking works really well. You can use the devices without a lot of concentration.

Putting a self help tool close to where you will use it is also a good way to remind yourself to do it. We use golf balls for self help so we have golf balls stationed in the living room, the car, our office and the bedroom. (In the bedroom I use it when I am having trouble sleeping or the occasional stomach upset.) And Barbara carries golf balls in her purse.

People actually think we are avid golfers because you will find golf balls in our cars for times when you have to wait in the car. But it makes waiting for someone or something at least a little productive.

There are two places you should take great care when using a golf ball. Movie theaters and airlines can be problematic as occasionally a golf ball will get loose and bounce down the aisles. It really isn't a safety issue rather it is the personal embarrassment on that rhythmic bouncing as it makes it's way down the row.

There is a series of memory techniques that use "loci" or locations to remember lists. Attaching the item with a location such as placing a mental image of a bottle of milk you need at the store within your living room makes it simpler to remember. 

So too it makes it easier to remember to do your self help if you have placed self help tools like a golf ball or a foot roller close to your easy chair or desk. You might get a couple of foot rollers to put them where they can be used.

But remember never put them in a pathway where you might trip on them. And remember to take care on the airline or movie theater so the golf ball doesn't escape. Of course you can always look at the guy behind you to throw off suspicion. But that would be mean.

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