Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reflexology Fantasy

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No this isn't about sex. It is about an old file I ran across. It was called "Reflexology Fantasy". So being in an adventurous mood I decided to open it up.

It turns out to be a mind map I drew awhile back. It is a type of "what if" mind map about reflexology. I was fantasying about reflexology's potential being finally realized by individuals, organizations, governments, businesses and so forth.

Such as:

  • What if medicine suddenly realized the enormous potential of being able to not only address stress on a general level but to also be able to address stress in very specific ways with reflexology? 
  • What if hospitals realized how much they could save in early releases and how much goodwill they could gain with patient satisfaction using reflexology routinely with patients? What if hospitals used it for staff stress?
  • What if the government realized that with they could address the costly of the geriatric giants of memory loss, mobility, incontinence and dementia with reflexology? What if health care facilities like assisted living and nursing homes figured this out as well?
  • What if businesses suddenly got wind of the cost saving through reflexology with reduced absenteeism and worker morale?
  • What if schools focused on stimulation to the feet and hands to encourage neurological development to increase learning capabilities?
  • What if artist, writers and other creative people used reflexology to help their creative side? 
  • What if reflexology was consider a form of fitness and became a part of a nation fitness program? What if it was used to increased athletic performance?
I have a lot more "what if's" but the final one is simple. What if we opened our minds up to the importance of our feet and hands as sensory organs that can lift us up into new ways of living?
What what if's can you think of about reflexology?

Kevin Kunz

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