Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alzheimer's Sign?- More pictures, more questions

Can Alzheimer's be detected through the feet? This is an going discussion we have been having on this blog and on my Facebook page. 

Here is the theory. A Canadian reflexologist years ago went through an Alzheimer's ward and note that there was an overlapping of the big toe and the second toe. At times the overlapping was so severe that there was a podlike flap coming from the big toe. The second toe actually at times rests on this flap of skin. 

There was one comment from a FB friend who said she hadn't really detected this sign even though she did reflexology on ward with Alzheimer's patients. But here are others would have seen this sign with their own kin like the feet above kindly submitted to us from another FB friend. 

The above pictures are a slightly different look than the last Alzheimer's sufferer. It isn't quite as dramatic but if you look at the top picture you can see quite a bit of impact from the big toe resting against the second toe. Look at the line on the big toe that curves away from the second toe. 

The jury is still out on whether these lines have any significance. But it is worth a look. (Thanks for contributing these pictures and giving us permission to use them.)

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Shona said...

It would be interesting to have more research on this but I am concerned that it may cause some people unnecessary worry if they notice this pattern on their toes and Alzheimer condition will not be expressed in their lifetime.