Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Fallout from the Skype Lecture

Wendy Decker1:18pm May 16
Kevin, I used your double thumb technique and paid special attention to the middle cunieform both on two clients today and on myself. Wow! Got great results! Thank-you so much for the information! I especially liked how the double thumb(or finger) technique opened up the forefoot and toes resulting in a huge reduction of tension in the neck and shoulders! I used it on the lateral aspect of the foot to really work the arm and elbow with a resulting miracle (according to client). And working the cunieforms and metatarsal joints with a loosening technique and rotation on a point really helped the intestines return to normal action. Thank-you!!!
Thanks Wendy. So glad we brought it up during the Maine Council of Reflexologists conference. 

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Barbara and Kevin 

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